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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three More Weeks to PD Tri

At first, I planned to start off my 'focused' triathlon training (PD tri is three weeks away! Yikes!!) on Monday, but the legs were still experiencing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). So Monday was a forced rest day, I just had to abandon one swim training.

Tuesday, I managed to hit the pool for about 45minutes for a “hey muscles, wake up!” swim session. I have not seen much improvement in my swimming, for obvious reason – lack of training, either endurance wise or speed wise. Looks like the swimming pool management is going to get more income within these three weeks. Just hoping that the weather will continue to be handsome throughout.

Wednesday night, as usual, the weekly group cycling session. So, last night I swept off all the dust from my bike, joined the group and due to the slightly late start, I only managed to do a total of 24km ride. That was lucky enough because earlier on at about 12km into the ride, I started to see some stars (due to dizziness, perhaps I pushed it too hard too early on the first two laps). The thought of quitting the session came up, but when a friend in his Cervelo P3 bike came from behind blazing, I decided to tail behind him and at that approximately 3km of flat stretch, I managed to follow behind him with a zooming speed of 48 ~ 50km/hr – twice! (for two laps that is).

Climbing up the long incline for the remaining 3km to complete each loop, was done in santai-santai mode, very relaxed and cozy (for recovery).

Today, if weather permits, is going to be a run and swim sessions. With so little time to brush up on all three disciplines of triathlon, these three weeks prior to the race will be another interesting period of time of seeing me tumbling upside down.

Training for triathlon is not easy, but it’s fun!

Oh, I miss triathlon.

P/s: I tested my friend’s Cervelo tri bike, and oh… I think I fell in love lah


tolldoll said...

hihihih this is just the warm up for you... belum panas enjin betul2 ni.

ada orang nak compete guna FIXED GEAR. camner la nak brake downhill tu.

ziff71 said...

Alamak, kalah dgn nadia.

Zaki said...

Alamakk, kalah dgn nadia & ziff.

Fuhh! 48-50kmh? Wow! Laju tuh! Aku paling laju pon 11kmh jer, itu pon atas treadmill dulu... :P

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Takut warm pun dah ambik masa dua minggu, bila nak peak, bila nak taper? ehhehe.
Kalau pakai fixed gear punya bike, elok dia pakai full face helmet, shin guard, knee pad, elbow pad, and pay extra for his/her insurance. Habis citer.. :)

Takpe.. aku belum nak tutup blog.. banyak lagi entry lepas ni.

Kau kayuh beskal atas treadmill ke apa? Biar betik!

ziff71 said...

Zaki, aku pun kompius gak, kau lari ker kau kayuh tu??? Tak pun kau guna machine yg macam main ski tu kot

IJAM said...

alamak, kalah dgn nadia, ziff, zaki dgn tuanpunya blog sendiri.

belum baca lagi ni...tunggu jap

IJAM said...

puh...triathlon, teringin jugak tu...geng dah ada, semangat dah ada...tapi duit takdo, basikal takdo...swimming tak roti...mcm mano?

June Malik said...

i will be there cheering u guys, u in olympic session? mom in law kat pd, bagi alasan jenguk dia but actually nak gi menyibuk kat u all, so if nak me wait somewhere, nak angkat air, nak pegang makan apa pun, , just let me know, boleh strategise night before hehe .. i might bring my bike jadi supporter ..havent cycled since i flew with it LOL - dont worry u will do fine ! good luck with training .. no yikes for you .. nak kena fine orang yang guna ni hehe boleh buat duit ! owh, curi download gambar ye .. and if i can get over my phobia open sea swimming (i can swim but bila tengah laut phobia takut benda tarik dari bawah LOL) teringin nak do the sprint next year !

rusfarizal rusli said...

see u there....

Diket said...

I have trust in you bro. Surely you will tapau this one like a frozen karipap. I'll see you in PD - anak aku yang masuk daaa :D

Aku pun nak masuk saing Kak June next year. High 5 kak June!

amsyah said...

tangkas bro! kalu takde aral aku gi amik gambar kau dalam air, kasi skodeng sikit hahaha

Fong said...

go all out =) i tot shah doing PD tri as well =)

KOOKY KASH said...

nik, speed on the bike is furiously fast. i can never do that, yet!

yay, I'm the last one!

ian yusof said...

not really, I'm the last one! double yeayyy!!

p/s - boleh ker aku pergi PD tri nih?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

We all start from having a dream.
To be, or not to be.

Thanks for your support.
You should come to witness people do triathlon lah. I recommend u stay at transition/finishing area, lots of happening, adrenaline flying around.
Huh.. ni yg semangat nak race kat PD ni.. ada supporter.

3 minggu kerja keras!!

Err.. cik akak tokey karipap Pavilion tu ada jual yg frozen punya jugak ke?
Lu ada no phone dia? wa nak tempah 10 ketul.
Yeay, another supporter coming to PD! Say good luck to your trikidz ya!

Syah the Kingfisher,
Ikan2 di pantai PD dah memanggil2 tu, jom aaa turun.

No worries, one day Syah will become a triathlete. (puhh kanan puhh kiri.. harap2 menjadi la racun aku ni)

Ala kash... that furiousity only lasted for few minutes je... sekadar melepaskan gian (read: geram tengok Cervelo kat depan berdesup).

Register cepat, sebelum kaunter pendaftaran ditutup.

June Malik said...

Err even if comment more than once, last is still last kan? haahha Diket , err high five back haha! and Nik seriously if need me to do apa2, let me know .. will be there to catch the adrenalin, actually nak cuci mata tenguk all the male hunks yang lebih LOL

Ms Road Runner said...

all the best on your trainings and at PD later nik! :)

i'll do a couple of marathons first before doing a tri insyaAllah ;)

[i] said...

de, minggu depan ko kayuh dari JB ke taiping ka?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

err.. r u addicted to the runners' high or the runners hunks? Hihihi..

Thanks. U can start taking up swimming class if u haven't.
I did triathlon first, before i did my marathon. Terbalik! hehe.
If i can do it, so can u (and everybody else).

Minggu depan aku kayuh dalam mimpi je lah nampaknya.. :)