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Friday, July 16, 2010


When I started this blog exactly three years ago, little did I imagine it will grow into this size. I started it off just to kill some of the many free times I had when I was having job training in the States. I got inspired by the few blogs which until today, some still exist. With only one or two readers (including my own self) I had during that historical time, this blog today has become a new media for me to socialize with some of you who are willing to accept me as one of your friends.

To be honest, I’m glad to have this blog. I know I don’t have that much of traffic or unique and repeating blog visitors as compared to many of you have, and I don’t mind about those stats either. But what I like about it is that, it gives me the opportunity to know some of you, interact with each other and share our common interests in endurance and multisports.

And I always feel honored when there are new blog readers who drop by on the comment box, or say hi to me when they meet me during running or triathlon events. And I truly enjoy reading each and every comments being left here. It makes me motivated to keep on putting up entries on this blog. I think blogosphere should be as friendly a media can be for us to know each other better. Hilarity and jokes are the easiest way to break the ice, and from then on, new friendships can be easily established.

I’m not sure whether I celebrated my second year of blogging last year, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity this year to celebrate its third year, hence;

Happy 3rd Birthday

More importantly, thanks to all of you who have visited this blog of mine up until today. I hope you have enjoyed each and every trip you’ve made here.

P/s: So, how’s my final closing speech for the blog? Good?


Diket said...

Happy annivessary Enaikay! Blog terus blog!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Wa baru berangan nak pencen... :)

tsar said...

laaa, baru nak follow blog ni. takkan nak tutup.
baru 3 tahun... hehe.

Zaki said...

This blog inspires ramai anak muda mcm saya untuk berkecimpung dlm bidang sukan... :P

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Doctor said, too much blogging is no good for my knees.. so, kena slow down lah.
hahaha.. poyo.

Berkecimpung ke.. bercakpong-cakpong?

Che said...

ala.. takkan nak tutup kedai kot.. belum abis cite lagi. Atlest few more years (or bile ko dah start muntah2) which ever come first :P

Saya mesti Pilih Blog Enaikay! :P

Can i say im one for your blog's fan?

ziff71 said...

Apa barang 3 thn (cilok Ijam punya style)

Keep blogging bro, only u among RBUs could compete with Ijam on those photo captions :D

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kedai dah tak laku.. tutup je lah. hihiihi. Belum tutup lagi, tapi masih di peringkat evaluation.
Nak bukak kedai karipap kat tepi Dataran pulak lepas ni.

Waah.. mana wa boleh lawan taiko Ijam woo.. dia athlete antarabangsa woooo...

K3vski said...

Happy 3rd birthday Enaikay! I truly enjoy reading your blog! Who says your blog doesn't have that much traffic eh?!

I can only dream of having even half of your blog traffic and comments, my girlfriend says because you write a lot more interesting stuff than mine. :P

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ala Kevin,
Maybe traffic in Australia there is much better than traffic in Malaysia.
Malaysia always traffic jam maa... no fun! hehehhe.

Side note to Li Ann:
Can u help me kidnap Kevin's legs please? I nak pinjam sekejap time PD triatlon... pliiizzzzz... :)

Ms Road Runner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Road Runner said...

Happy 3rd anniversary in blogging nik! keep on writing k? :)

amsyah said...

kau nak balik bertapa ke, Penjejak Awan?

Kitorang nak benefit juga Gerakan Awan Mengunci Puncak... zus zus

Hepi Anniversary! Dah makin otai dah blog lu ni...

Yimster said...

Happy 3rd and a gazillion more to come!!! This one dah tahap grandfather dah lol

June Malik said...

happy 3rd anniversary, for someone who says he doesnt write bla bla bla , i love reading yours, sempoi but soo entertaining! so dont u dare not write ! nanti anak mami cari sampai hujung dunia web heheh

tyra said...

Happy 3rd anniversary!
Im one of ur silent readers out there. keep on writing ya, i really enjoyed reading ur blog.

Khairul said...

Keep on blogging Nik. There's always something to learn from your blog. Thank you for that. Not just berpantun. Hehe.

IJAM said...

(making my rare appearance commentor..for today only...)
Keep it up Nik..gambar kek je ke?..

tolldoll said...

nik i like reading your blog. and i like so few of blogs because i have low attention span. hehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks. I actually enjoy reading blogs rather than writing for one.
So, u guys should continue writing ok!

Sekali imbas.. aku ingat kau nyanyi lagu AF menuju puncak tadi!
Rupa2nya mengunci puncak daa...
Mana ada otai bro. Wa belum masuk kategori veteren lagi.

Thanks Yim.
That "grandfather" thingy.. puji ke perli tu? hehehe..

Thank you.
Err.. what for u cari i sampai hujung dunia? I dok kat tengah2 je.. tak sampai hujung pun.. jauh sgt.

Awww.. ini yg saya rasa overdose perasaan terharu ni.
I hope u understand Malay language too, coz my Engrish is very the hampeh.

Here's the deal. U start your own blog, then i'll continue blogging. Or else, no more of EnAikAY. :)

Abis tu, asyik gambar aku je... boring dah aku tengok gambar aku sendiri ni.

"Low attention span".. yes, that's it. That's why i can't be on FB for more than 15minutes. Pening!