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Thursday, July 15, 2010

After All

Sorry guys, for being out of touch all of the sudden without any news or clue. My sincerest apology for making some of you worried about me. Never expected that to come. I appreciate all your concern, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks so much.

Anyway, this is not a gimmick, or a drama, or a strategy for a big come back. I was just unable to balance my mood and emotion with what’s been bugging me recently that I lost my interest in reading blogs, or participate in the blog commenting race. Let alone to write up my own blog entries. My life went on just like usual, minus the blogging part. Here are some random stuffs behind the scenes of what had happened to me, or of what I’ve been doing, or not doing.

After SCKLM, I experienced a pain on my right knee, at the ITB area. Not sure if it is already an acute ITB case, or just some sort of over-used tendon. I put myself out of running for few days after the marathon. I iced my knees as often as I could. But then, when I was with the guys doing the trail run at Kiara Park few weeks ago, the pain came back. So, I had to rest some more. And when I rest and do nothing much, I had nothing much to blog about. Nak tulis pantun pun dah malas daa.

Work? Hmm, what else can I do if my customers from all around the world keep on calling me to ask for the things they requested me to do on daily basis? Right at this moment, I have more than 340 working emails unread. I wish I can put an out-of-office auto reply such as below;

“I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. Be prepared for my mood.”


“You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all.”,

or even better..

“Thank you for your message, which has been added to a queuing system. You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply in approximately 19 weeks. That is, if I get back into the office.

My previous few weekends in KL were not as great as what I normally anticipated. With both of my princesses down with flu, cough, fever and what-have-you, my weekends were mainly spent just being at home. So, with not much of sports related stuffs I did, the lesser chance for me to come up with blog entries. Perhaps by now you realize that I don’t write anything much other than triathlon or running related stuffs, don’t you? Such a boring blog, isn’t it?

Ok, maybe this is the part you wanted to know the most. Yes, I did continue doing some training for PD triathlon (yeah, I know you want me to say “secret training”). The weather down here in JB has been nice and I’ve been swimming 2 or 3 times per week, building up my endurance and speed (which was never in existence). I also did some cycling just to kill the nervousness, rather than not cycling at all. Nothing much really, only the once-a-week cycling at night plus another few sets on the trainer just to activate the fast twitch cycling muscles (which I never have). Running was kept to the minimum and mainly focused on some hills repeats. My fast twitch muscles need extra work this time. To keep it simple, I’ve been training everyday, except for weekends.

And whamm!!, as I was into my second loop running at Taman Kebun Bunga yesterday, ITB pain re-surfaced. I also did some hill repeats afterwards, bearing the pain (because I promised myself to do hill repeats). Though I survived the running session in pain, I finally surrendered myself during the cycling at night where my 42km plan ride was cut into half, before the pain gets even worse.

Now, I’m limping again. But there will always be tomorrow. At least, I can still swim, right?

After all, I’m just a normal pirate human being.


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeay #1! Yahuuu!!!

Julin Julai said...

ek ele..mana aci.
welcome back!

June Malik said...

hope the pain is not something more serious, u totally should rest and see a doctor ok. and my offer is still open, need something for pd tri, let me know, will be there :) and welcome back, we all missed you, amsyah even dedicated a post to you :) and eh no more cheating for #1 spot, tak achi betul!

KOOKY KASH said...

welcome back Nik, should just use this blogspace to vent your anger/frust/mood etc,

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hik hik hik... jgn jeles aaa...

I miss you all too!

P/s: Syah mmg nak kena ragging tu. Ahaha.

I'm not good at doing that. It's too public. Saya ni pemalu orangnya, remember?

Anonymous said...

Nik, blog posts with the human touch is most engaging. People can see that underneath the crazy guy/girl who runs or swims or cycles mindboggling miles, there is just a normal person with ups and downs.

Diket said...

Nik, ayat ni aku gerun "To keep it simple, I’ve been training everyday, except for weekends." What if you make it not simple, a complicated one? I can't imagine. Hehe.
Saja bro, lama sangat tak guwau. You better heal those knees fast bro. Nanti trailblazer kalau kalah kau jadi bahan setahun oooo :D

K3vski said...

Rest well Nik and get well soon. Just over 1 week left. Any intensive training will be counter productive. Hope to see you in PD in good form.

ziff71 said...

Emo week for many RBUs. The last sprint downhill during the kiara trail run may cause the damage to your knee.

Boleh cilok auto reply kau tu tak? hahaha

Khairul said...

Welcome back Nik! Everybody wishes to have those auto-replies ready at their disposal kan.
Take care of your knees. I think you have trained sufficiently for PD. In the midst of work that's piling up and family commitments. Need to learn a thing or two about time management.
Prepare those pantuns please...

plee said...

More ice and rest Nik! Mebbe work on core strengthening as you rest! taper well!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I can't agree more with you.

Apa nak gerun. Aku punya 'training everyday' punya result sama dgn kau punya 'one day training' punya result daa.
Oits.. trailblazer kita mana boleh kalah dgn diorang bro.. itu pertarungan terhebat among RBU for 2010 tu.
Ok, malam ni wa trail run masuk hutan sorang2... semangat ni!!!

Yeah, i'm taking it easy this time. Maybe easier than last year.
Looking fwd to seeing u too. Have a safe trip home!

Your out of office should be "I'm currently out of office, tengah makan karipap".

Here's one for you;

Bukan botak sebarang botak,
Botak membawa banyak erti,
Orangnya kuat, tampan dan segak,
Hatinya baik budinya pekerti.

Thanks bro. Yeah, i'm icing my knees even in the office.
And thanks so much for the message you left on my FB. (sorry, i can't access FB from office). Really appreciate it.

Zaki said...

Welcome back bro. We all miss your jokes lah... Hope your knees will be ok before PD tri.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ijam kan ada.. he's much better than me. :)
Thanks. yeah, i do hope my injury will recover soon. I don't want to retire from all the fun yet.

The thing is, it's difficult to be patience. But, i'll do my best.

Che said...

wb nick! jgn lah camtu.. baru nak ajak try batu dam @ kemensah punya trail.. :P

musim budak2 sakit nih, camtulah.. kadang2 bawak anak keluar pun boleh kena gak. Yang penting mak bapak dia sihat utk jaga anak2 yg sakit :)

ape pun, all the best for PD!

deo said...

Nik, good luck with the knees and the PD Tri.

amsyah said...

hahah, berjaya aku keluarkan kau dari pertapaan yeahhoooooo...

welkambek! :D lepas ni tri dengan Pedang Setiawan kah?

Diket said...

PD version Pedang Setiawan. Nanti trailblzer bergelar Raja Rimba beb. Gentar! Arrr!
Nik, you should come out more often visiting blogs. Sekarang komen dah macam shoutbox. Hahaha. Semua boring beb.

Yimster said...

Hang in there bro. Some time out is a good thing and get well soon!

RaYzeef said...

welcome back pirate King...

kalo Nik lambat balik Ziff nak cilok tahta Lanun...dengan cogankata "Raja Lanun yang suka makan karipap"..he he

ziff jgn marah aaa..kita jumpa bawah pokok taugeh ahad ni kat dataran...bawak karipap tau!

shuklazim said...

abih satu kampung risau woa king takde

itu pedang kasi pinjam boleh?

Fong said...

good luck for pd tri =) jaga lutut, syg die.. nanti nk pulun during tri.. hehe =)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Batu dam trail run? I like!
Lepas raya jom!

Thank u brader.

Ala, aku keluar jengok kejap je. Lepas ni masuk bertapa balik.. level 2! hhihiiii.

Pedang Setiawan? Setiawan kat negeri Perak kan?
eh.. itu Sitiawan... is it?

Yeah, i'm trying to hang my self with ribbon and tie my hands with wrist band to get to the correct path, at the finishing line.
And i will prepare a formal report, to make sure i become a winner. :)

Correction Ray.. he's the King Lenggang now.

Mana boleh pakai pedang time poco-poco.. nanti tercucuk jiran sebelah.

Not sure lah i can pulun or not. Will take it easy and enjoy the fun. meh la datang support we all!

rusfarizal rusli said...

welcome back nik...jumpa kt PD