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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PD Triathlon 2009 Result is out!

My result:

1.5km Swim Time: 0:45:58
40km Bike Time: 1:11:59
10km Run Time: 1:00:20

Total Time: 03:00:39

I'm speechless...


(P/s: Last year, my time was 03:23:10)


deejay said...

congrats!!!! wah2 i'm the 1st one to congrats u... hahaha
told u u can be a full time triathlete and marathonger!!!

naznaz said...

Nik, I think u can improve on your swimming supaya next year below 3 hours. Congrats!

Din said...

Ganah demo! Ko kuak demo lo ni... kawe lo ni dok mmikir - nok beli ko dok ssikal??? Tengoh beghange, semangak tengok TSB buat, segho nok buak jugok!

Deket said...

Told ya that u gonna be a hero :). Tahniah bro for the achievement. Teruskan beri aku inspirasi utk cuba berenang.

amsyah said...

huh dasyat... congrats bro...

shuklazim said...

woho...mencanak bro, congrats

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks everybody, really appreciate that.

Yeah, to start doing a triathlon would sometimes be a pain in the butt. But once you get hooked to it, u just want to improve yourself bit by bit.

If you want to do it, believe that you can do it. And just go for it.

Please pray that i can train more and join more events, and have more ideas to update this blog.

No events = no idea to blog = mampus laaa...

kev said...

Faint because of the huge improvement or being so close to under 3 hours? Either way, great racing and congrats!

Looks like I'll be seeing you in Desaru after all.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Faint because of both!

Urgghhh.. it was just 39 seconds!!!

Nevermind, next year i will try to shave off 40 seconds.