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Monday, July 27, 2009


”Hey, have a nice weekend ya!”, a good wish we normally give to or get from people, friends, colleagues.

And how was my weekend?

It was a great one, but I’ve been a B-A-D boy.

Bad boy for did not go out that door to run, to train.

In the morning, the blame was on the nice cooling rain.

Later in the evening, the blame was on the comfy pillow who kept me asleep soundly for few hours.

It’s not my fault, right? It’s their fault! The rain, the pillow. I was not guilty.

But I am feeling so guilty now. Miserably guilty.

I thought I have the confidence to go through Desaru long distance triathlon this coming weekend, but now that thought is slowly fading away.

I am not putting any big target for Desaru other than to finish it injury free. However, I wish I have another two weeks to train so that I can cross the finish line – smiling.

Now, I can’t really remember why did I sign up for Desaru long distance triathlon.

Should I toss a coin now? I still have 4 days to decide though.


The Corporate Athlete said...

nik, bedal jer ... do it for experience, if not for timing. and come back with a good tourism ... err.. triathlon report. :)

KOOKY KASH said...

Only you can decide. It is a 7-hour race Nik, thats 2 more hours than the marathon we did in June (maybe you can finish it in 6 hours?). The training should be as tough as the one you did for marathon.

Not trying to scare you my friend, but you should by now at least know/have the confidence that you can complete it.

My advice, if you think you have train enough, just go out there and do it. I know you can make it through.

By next week, I hope to read your race report. Good luck!

deejay said...

yo bro... you can do it!! I can feel it in my bones.. brotha!!
Go for it....

amsyah said...

toss a coin worked for me all the time, tapi whatever it is, remember to have jolly fun (i blame the pillow all the time :D)

zulhassan said...

bedal je, jangan pikir-pikir lagi.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Oh ya, now i remember why i signed up for Desaru - it's for the experience. Thanks for reminding me that! Hehe.

Erk, 7 hours race ek? Alaaamaaakkkk....
That sounded like i need 7 hours to blog it up then... Hahaha.

Deejay my man!
Thanks bro.
U better take more glucosamine n calcium ok, make ur bone stronger.. hahaha (takde kena mengena).

Pinjam duit 50 sen!
And... err.. pinjam bantal!

OK bro, gua akan bedal cukup2. Thanks.

fyrul said...

just go for it bro!!!
with all the training you have done, i know u can do it.
as for now, i don't dare to do any longer distance other than OD.
so, go and set your new benchmark & personal achievement!!

good lick!(Copyright 2009 Abu)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

"Thenk yuu" (copyright 2009 Enaikay) for the GOOD LICK wish! Hahaha..

Next year u upgrade to half ironman distance ok!

yooyie said...

just do it!heheh