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Monday, May 18, 2009

A quick 17km

OK, I'll try my best to do this update within 10 minutes. It's now 3.20pm and I'm super busy today. So, here it goes.

Last Saturday, I tried to do a solo long distance run. Not so big of a target. Something between 15km to 20km, or anywhere near 2 hours.

Not making any prior arrangement or planning with anybody, I ended up running alone. I almost blew the run away by not waking up on my first alarm which was set at 6am. I continued sleeping, and only after performing my morning prayer just before 7am, I gained whatever mental strength I had that morning to go out and do the run.

So, at 7.15am I went off. From my house, I headed to Kota Damansara. So I ran, and I ran, and I ran. Alone. No partner, no MP3, no nothing.

Not having any means to gauge the distance other than my stopwatch, I planned to run for 2 hours. Once reached 50 minutes into the run, I was looking for a place to do the u-turn.

(Gosh, 10 minutes is too short to do a blog update leh).

Bla, bla, bla, I ran, made the u-turn at the play ground somewhere near Kota Damansara Seksyen 10 (I think), ran back towards Ikea/Ikano, headed to Tropikana golf course, turn back towards Ikano, and reached my apartment after running 1hr 55min. A little short than my original plan of 2 hours.

Well, it was worth it. With my slow and steady pace, I would say I've ran about 17km. Better than 0km if I stayed on the bed continuing my sleep.

Ok, it's 3.28pm. Time to stop blogging and continue what I'm supposed to do (Work lah, apa lagi. Takkan nak ngulor sampai petang kot!! Hehehe).


Saiful Kodi said...

cuaca kat malaysia mmg best, boleh jadi motivasi bangun pagi. lewat bangun, alamat lari bawah matahari terik la jawab nye atau tak lari langsung. good luck for eco challenge bro!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks bro. actually i know nothing about eco challenge, but since ada org ajak masuk.. kita terjaaahhhhhhhhh....!!!

Lari bawah matahari mmg tak best. Kesan hitam-putih kat bahu since Kenyir lake triathlon dulu pun tak hilang lagi ni..

bola2api said...

impian mas!!!! I wanna go there again!!!!!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aini, kau ni mengidam ke apa ni haaa?

bola2api said...

mau najis