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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What would you feel if you get trapped in a 5 or 6km traffic jam on your way to the office in the morning, just to find out that the reason for the traffic congestion was because there were one or two signs on the side of the road which says “BERHENTI, PEMERIKSAAN POLIS” (Stop, Police Inspection), and what you can see that there are a bunch of officers in their uniforms sitting down chit chatting at the nearby bus stop and did not do any inspection to the passing by vehicles?

The unexpected traffic congestion this morning.

They were just chit chatting at the bus stop, and no single officer was doing any inspection at the road block at the time I passed by. What's wrong with them huh?

What the heck is going on!?!?

I was so pissed out. I was so pissed out that I took out my digital camera and took some shots to prove how inconsiderate I think their actions were. I’m a bit lucky in the sense that my company do allow for occasional late coming if there is any issue. But I was thinking how about those people who are in real need to rush in the morning?

How if there’s an almost due mother who needed to rush to the hospital for labor? Or if there’s a parent who needed to rush their child to the clinic due to high fever or excessive vomiting?

How if there are some poor guy or girl who needed to report duty at their working places on time, or else will face a chance to be expelled due to coming in late (they might be reporting to an inconsiderate supervisor who will not accept any reason for coming late)? And that poor guy or girl will be having tough time to get another job to support their moms, or dads, or their younger siblings?

There might also be some unfortunate fellows with not so good car condition that may get overheated easily, or getting very low on the gas.

The traffic jam had caused my normal 7 minutes journey from home to work, to become 35minutes. A colleague told me this morning that his normal 15 minutes journey to work turned to 1 hour. Another colleague told me that the officers were stopping and inspecting motorcyles.

Yeah, I lived and worked in PJ before where the daily traffic jam had become a second to nature, somehow. But, that is kind of normal, and already anticipated on daily basis. You even know what time the traffic would be super bad, and at what time the traffic is going to be slightly bearable.

OK, the officers surely have their own reason to do the inspection road block. But, here are my points:

Why must they do the road block at the peak hour time where almost everybody is rushing to get to work? Yesterday evening I noticed the similar kind of traffic jam (or maybe worse) on the other side of the road, right at the time where most people were rushing back from work. Poor time management?

Why don’t they take away the road block signage as soon as they finished their duty so that people won’t get distracted and slow down as they see the signs? Are they waiting for foreign contractors to help them to remove the signs?

Why can’t they be more considerate to the public while doing their duty?

Yes I do understand Malaysia is famous for their individuals who are lazy but selfish in a way or another (Some of them. Well, I’d say most of them, but not everybody), but when performing work or duty, can’t they be more professional? Regardless whether one works in a government sector or private, I believe being considerate is one aspect of professionalism. Correct me if I’m wrong with my statement above.

“Dear mister policemen (or JPJ-men, or whoever), please be considerate lah…”


captain_zed said...

people missusing power.. sickening!! kang tuduh xder kesedaran sivik mengamuk..but indeed they acted like one!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kadang2 pun kesian gak kat diorang ni, asyik kena sumpah dan kutuk dari driver2 yg jenis mulut takde insurance ni.

Once again, we are not asking for much, other than some degree of consideration.