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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For every starting, there’s for sure an ending…

There’s a quote that says something like the above. Setiap yang bermula pasti akan berakhir, or setiap yang hidup pasti akan mati.

So to happen that I re-visited my own blog today (after all this while), and looked at the very initial update in this blog. And so to happen, one year back on the same date, I started this blog.

Ngam-ngam on the spot on July 15th last year, I started this blog. I didn’t really have a clear picture at that time of what to blog about, but I started little by little. Mainly was to blog about my sport activities when I was having my work training in the States. During that time, I had all the time I need to sit down at home after work and spent hours reading blogs, as well as writing up my own. And now, as proven by the decreasing numbers of updates from month to month, obviously I do not have that luxury anymore.

And today I have this question playing in my mind. Should I continue blogging or should I just call it a ‘year’. With my very bad reputation as an amateur blogger with lesser and lesser things (and time!) to blog, at once I thought of putting a picture of thombstone with a tittle “Enaikay – Rest In Peace”.

On second thought, maybe it would be better if I just keep this blog, and put a very nice picture of a cake with 1 candle to mark this small achievement. At least, I’m keeping a positive thinking here.

So, what will be next on my blog? I can’t really tell. Just wish for the better. I’ve lost all the momentum to blog due to very limited time nowadays. Work is currently in a very chaotic mode. Working through the day and night from as early as 7am whenever I need to join the tele-conference meeting with the counterpart in the States, to as late as 11pm or more on certain unavoidable occasions. Even the security guard had fallen asleep inside the guard post when I want to leave the office. “Jaga” ke tak jaga ni (i.e. guarding or sleeping)?

I’ve lost touch with some good buddies which I used to chat on YM, even worst, I’ve lost touch with one of my best buddy who’s now having difficulties in life. My prayers go to him, always. Fajar, if you are reading this, I know it’s the hardest time in your life now but, be tough ok!

Anyway, to end my 1st anniversary’s post, just wanna give some teaser announcement that there will be a new beginning in my life coming soon – so I hope.

Photos speak lauder than words, don't they?

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