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Monday, July 21, 2008

My first try in a tri

Yesterday, I did something that I never have thought of doing before - Olympic Distance Triathlon. I hope I can spend longer time later on to write more about my experience. But for now, here's what I would like to share:

And here's the unofficial time which I recorded with my watch:

1.5km Swim - 40min57sec
Transition T1 - 4min01sec
40km Bike - 1hr21min
Transition T2 - 1min38sec
10km Run - 1hr15min

Total time: 3hr 23min 10sec.

I guess, I'm a triathlete now.
Or, I should say... a slow triathlete.


rizal said...

congrat, dah kira triathlete dah ni

[i] said...

congrats... sbb abes tri

congrats.. sbb blog ni baru je masuk kubur, keluar balik... hahaha


bola2api said...

kalo aku potong lagi 40menet from my time, buleh saing kau.. congrats dude..

tak rugi aku racun kau hahaha

Shah said...

Yeayyy..!!! Ur a triathlete now..!!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Cepat2 training for swimming, 2009 boleh hantar rombongan company utk event tri.

Siot la ngko!!

u did well for your tri too. next year kita race lagi okay!

Tenkiu.. tenkiu..