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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trail Temptation

The thought of going out for another trail run was so tempting that I brought back my trail running shoes during last Raya holiday. The sad news is, they never get worn. So, to stop having this little guilt feeling in my kidney, I quietly made a plan to join Ian's 3rd Progressive Outdoor Run (POR) at FRIM, last Saturday morning, with a mileage target of 15km doing one loop.

Plus, I wanted to test out my new CamelBak, for the first time.

I arrived at the agreed meeting point 15 minutes early. Geared up with my 2 liter hydration pack and I did some warming up while waiting for the remaining gang to arrive. Although it was my first time using it, the CamelBak didn’t give any much hindrance towards my running. The initial unfamiliarity having something on my back was quickly easing off as I finished the warming up run.

There were Ian himself, Peter, Daniel, Zaki and Syah on the scene by 7am. After a short warm up and stretching session, we hit the trail.

Now we know how the MacamBagus do their secret handshake.

Ian led the stretching session, as always.

Our Hong Kong superstar librarian runner (mak aih banyaknya pangkat dia), Zack Yui Chong Abdullah (I made this up, hihi) sedang meng-skodeng anak dara orang bulan.
On his left is Daniel and Peter.

The last time I went for trail run at FRIM was last year, and this time Syah took us on another route that I’ve never been to before. After a few minutes running on the tarmac, we started the trail portion from the entrance of Jalan Bukit Bujang.

Where the trail begins.

Syah was the group leader this time around.
And if you want to do tempo run, follow his ‘easy’ pace.
And if you want to vomit while running, try following his ‘moderate’ pace.

The first portion of the trail started off with some moderate inclinations, a bit of a flat and followed with some undulating courses. Its width reduces as we get deeper into the woods, making the trail run much more enjoyable and tactical at the same time. I tried my best to stay in pace with Syah, but I slowly got dropped off. It’s a clear indication of my lack in fitness.

Not long after, we get to the first regroup point. Something funny happened here. Since it was raining the night before, the damp ground where we stood were full with leeches. Tiny little ones, like babies. I started to notice one of two leeches on my right and left shoes and picked them out. Then, everybody else was busy picking out leeches from their shoes. If I’m not mistaken, I got 9 leeches, Peter got 10 of them, and the winner of the day was our Hong Kong hero, who got the highest number of leeches visit on his shoes. 12 of them altogether. The lesson learnt, do not stop for a break for more than 3 minutes.

You can’t see it from this photo how panic Zaki was when he first discovered the leeches on his shoes.
I should have taken a video shot instead. It was hilarious.
Anyway, an opportunity to grab his ‘betis gebu’ photo like this shall not go to waste.

We continued our run before more leeches get onto our shoes. I was on a familiar route now and the undulating up and down was a true pleasure to run on. There were a few other occasional hikers and walkers along this track on the lovely morning. The fresh, clean and oxygen-rich air in the morning that we can get here is something we seldom get nowadays, especially for us who live in concrete jungle.

This was the only time I went ahead of everybody else.
And I almost puked (oh, drama again).

Some portion of the trail gives you long steady climb, to which I was forced to start walking to ease off my breathing and heart rate.

I killed some time by taking a self-shot while waiting for the last runners.
It took me seven tries before I get this one in the frame.

After reaching the junction nearby The Tea House, we took it further into another portion of the trail which later leads us to the Steroid Hill. We made another quick break stop for regrouping before proceeding up the Steroid Hill.

The start of Steroid Hill…

… and what you see here is not the peak yet.
And if you are interested to know, only three persons here managed to run all the way up to the peak without any walk break.
And surely I was not included as one of them lah.

One of the many beautiful sceneries you can enjoy while being on the top.

I stopped taking picture from then onwards as I was feeling so much fatigued. Perhaps I was hallucinating as well when I thought I saw Daniel from afar taking a wrong junction while he tried to follow Syah and Ian upfront. I stopped to wait for Zaki and Peter, just to make sure which junction should we take (since Zaki ran this route before). I told them I saw Daniel taking another junction so we started calling Ian and Syah to check whether Daniel was with them. To my delight, everybody was OK. Yup, I guess I was hallucinating.

The return route was much easier on the foot as there were more down hills. Out of a sudden while I was running with Zaki, Yip came by passing through like a bullet train. He slowed down for a quick “hi-hi bye-bye” to us, and then blasted away. He’ll do well in the upcoming solo 100km run at TNF race. All the best Yip!

Yip is surely one of the most hardcore and fast long distance runners we ever have here in Malaysia. He’s also an Ironman triathlete.

When we get back to The Tea House, the run on tarmac towards the car park was really torturing me. The sun was up high and blazing too. I was so fatigued that I can’t even run straight for 200m without taking any walk breaks. We finally reached back to the car park and I took 2.5hours for the whole journey (including break times). I only did one loop of 15km, while Syah and Ian continued further with another loop, making it 30km.

Squatting L-R: Daniel, Ian, Syah.
Standing L-R: Peter, Zack Yui Chong Abdullah and EnAikAY.

There will be another session of FRIM trail run this Saturday. Details can be found at Ian’s blog.

And for the sake of Coney Dog, I’ll be there insyaAllah.

P/s: Next, my Newton 25km race report will be filled with photos (and quirky captions). If only I have more time to start writing about it lah. I have a nasty busy week.


Zack Yui said...

I could've sensed this. I'll be your main victim... arrgghh!

Zack Yui said...

Woohoo... # 1 and # 2...!!

amsyah said...

zack - kau kat library ada 4G kah? makin laju je komen sekarang :D

Nik - lu slow pasal sibuk ambik gambar je.. kalau tak mmg terbang semua daun2 kering bertempiaran hahaha

ziff71 said...

hahahaha, my number 1 preferred caption is on that syah's pace. Sorry Syah, i think for these few weeks u have to bear with all the lambongs (which is true anyway :)

This saturday saya pun nak join.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Sooner or later, each one of you will somehow be my victim.. hihihi.
That's the fun bit running with EnAikAY, right?
Anyway, i've given you my podium spot.. ok lah tu kan?

Stop to take photos = stop for a quick breather. Heart rate was skyrocket high.
P/s: Kalau yg jenis terbang dlm hutan tu spesis makhluk lain bro. Ngeri seh.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

If i'm not mistaken, he has the most nicknames:
Kingfisher, SyahSully, Speedy GonSyahLez... errr.. apa lagi eh?

Dancing Ciken said...

saya nak tekan button 'like' je

sapa yang continue buat 30km tu, power giler


(masih menaip report newton diselangselikan dengan agenda saudara/saudari sedang bergebang2 di meja saya) bila mau siap daa...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ha'ah... dan orang yg nak buat desaru long distance triathlon pun i rasa power giler jugak.

P/s: Lain kali sila taip atas toilet bowl je, confirm takde org datang bergebang. :)

yipwt said...

hi nik,

nice to meet you there...I'll be going this saturday as well.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hi Yip,
Ok, please slow down to say 'hi-hi bye-bye' to us again ya!
C u there.

Zack Yui said...

Yip's a ghost in the trail. He said his hi's and seconds later he's gone. It was a pleasure to see him run that day.

Yimster said...

Shah really takes the accolade for the most nicks hehe. We have secret partners and now we have secret i-shall-not-tell-the-world-i-am-attending-POR runners ... sheesh! :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

One day Yip can become a great long distance coach lah I think.

Can't take too many secrets, can we?
C u there!

gerbera said...

Haih..tengok gambar pun boleh mengah2. Belum join lagi ni.

Tapi view from top memang cantik. Green n fresh. Saya belum penah smpi situ.

Psst- brader yang tinggi tu dah kurus giler dah skrg ni. Memang mcm avatar dah. :)

Che said...

totally agree on the caption bout shah's pace :P err.. biar dia lari dulu, kita lari kat belakang, jadi sweeper.. :P
did anyone notice the bag shah's wearing? dia tak jumpe Camelbak dia :P

cian takde org amik gmbr ko. xpe, next time aku teman ko lari kt blkng.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Tengok gambar pun mengah? Lubang idung saudari tersumbat kot?
Ye ye, lepas ni.. team name kawan kita tu akan jadi MacamAvatar.. no more MacamBagus.

I think he purposely hide his current CamelBak, because he needs a reason to buy a new one in Singapore during TNF. (ahaha.. pandai2 je aku)

Diket said...

At first I thought Syah was wearing one of those selempang oren sempena majlis raja-raja :D

Kalau buat 1 loop je boleh jamu coney dog jugak ke :)
I plan to leave early since Saturday is chauffeur dad's day.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Datang jgn tak datang!
Dan sebagai team mate Genting Trailbazer, kalau sedara ditakdirkan tak layak makan Coney Dogs tu sbb buat 1 loop je, saya boleh tolong makan bagi pihak sedara.

June Malik said...

wahhh nasib tak join haha .. nways yang paling grab my attention is zaki's peha yang memang gebu .. kalah awek heheeh ,, waiting for the newton with quirky quips LOL

Diket said...

Aduuh! Ni lah yang dinamakan "harapkan pagar, pagar makan coney dog" :D

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Athlete 'celup' dari Hong Kong mmg gebu2 belaka. ;)

Abis tu... takkan nak makan rumput hydroponic kot?

Diket said...

Aku datang awal nanti tolong Ian transfer coney dog masuk kereta aku. So nanti senang korang dah habis 2 loop boleh tolong kemas je :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Bro, aku car pool dgn kau buleh?

IJAM said...

ni bila punya cerita ni da...?...kalau jadi reporter dah lama ketinggalan ni..
kena seiring dan sejalan la, report ngan newton skali...

P/s : ada org pengsan nanti makan hotdog

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I'm a freelance blogger, no intention to become a reporter or paparazzi. :)
Lagipun, agak2 kalau dah basi sangat cerita Newton run aku tu, takyah susah2 aku buat entry dah. hehehe.