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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quick Survey

Dear readers,
I just want to do a very quick survey in order to improve this blog. I highly appreciate if you can leave your constructive comments here. You may sign in your name when giving the comments, or you can choose to be anonymous. I don’t mind.

1) What do you like to see more on this blog?

2) What do you see lacking from this blog?

3) What makes you re-visit this blog?

Please help me to make this blog better by answering to these three survey questions.

Thank you very much.


ian yusof said...

i) more photos

ii) entries

iii) your jokes (also trying luck to become no. one commentor ... me? again? really? ... oh wow)

RaYzeef said...

damn ian at no#1 again...

it soon shall end ian..he he

we want more funny captions, e.g. the nasik lemak makcik etc..hi hi

Yimster said...

Less surveys and more exciting entries :)

shuklazim said...

1. post on ur training

2. photo/caption taken during ur training

3. kuih tart satu bekas tiap kali visit

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ok, i got it. thanks for the feedback.

Asyik makcik je.. next i will focus more on pakcik2 pulak.
Kasi chance makcik karipap n makcik nasik lemak rehat kejap.

Aiyooo... baru sekali je i buat survey daa.. hehehehe. Thanks anyway.

ok.. lagi lagi lagi!!!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Sir, yes sir!

Anonymous said...

for me not just to read your race reports
but to watch a special race only for and from RBUs... comments race... haha... hilarious!

seriously... you have a good mix of topics, some interestingly unexpected... Ü

PS. looks like Ian is on a podium finish again... the rest must buck up man! haha... Ü

Diket said...

The blog is already wonderful. No further improvements required. Just keep on posting and inspire us.

p/s. Kurangkan amik gambor aku tengah buat badut :D

Zack Yui said...

I think your blog is one of the, if not THE funniest. Nothing much to change lah, just tart nenas per pack per person next time we all meet huhu.. puji lebeh nie.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeah, it's the comments that make me wanna continue putting up more entries. Seronok baca comment korang. Hilarious.
P/s: I'll make sure Ian won't be on the podium on my next entry (time to hack my own blog again.. yiihaaa)

Someone said my blog is boring, because too much sports-related entries je.
P/s: I can't help it, sorry.. hahahaha.

Tart nenas dah habis stock gara2 Ziff dah telan lapan balang sekaligus time raya ke-3 haritu. :)

Khairul Anuar said...

1. regular updates. kalau hang x busy la. but as it is, funny and informative.

2. it's lacking regular updates. give us training tips and gear reviews. and before ijam says it, gambar2 amoi la. or awek2 siam lagi bagus!

3.I re-visit this blog because it's by you. And I look forward to the jokes in it. Haha...

Keep on blogging bro :)

Anonymous said...

keep it regular.

my own blog is boring and I am not funny and I like to nag/whine (I was told) and I dont know who would want to read my blog.

- guess who? hehe -

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Baik tuan.
Thanks for the feedback.

Anon #1,
I appreciate your feedback.
And i respect your decision to be anonymous.. so i don't wanna guess.
I wanted to guess that u r ..... (cakap dlm hati je, hihi)

June Malik said...

updates, your funny stories, captions, own camwhoring, your funny letters .. i love reading your blog and i come here everytime u write without fail .. we want more where it came from ! and oh your pantuns .. and the tarts (sedap ke semua dok mintak ni??) Ian, nanti anda akan dikalahkan jugak !

Che said...

1) What do you like to see more on this blog? = more regular entries

2) What do you see lacking from this blog? = you and the RBU in action (since u havent snap much of our pics together lately) :P

3) What makes you re-visit this blog?
-because of u la bro. you are one of my fav blogger :P

Okeh? Did i get anything? :P

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Awww.. tq tq tq....
P/s: psst.. let's contact Ian's IT guy and tell him how Ian has been behaving lately. hehehehe.

I never said this is a contest to win tart nenas. I said this is just a quick survey.. takde kena mengena dgn yang hidup ataupun tart nenas. :)
Thanks for ur feedback.

ziff71 said...

i) more entries (which means more of your jokes and pictures and captions) :D

ii) everything is great here bro.

iii) refer to (i) and (ii) above

Dukacita nak bagitahu tahun ni gagal buat PB, setakat sebalang sahaja tart nenas dah bantai hehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Domo arigato.
Sebalang je kau bedal?
Your wife and anak2 sure happy gile. or else, diorang tengok je la aksi suami/bapak diorang bedal tart nenas 4 balang tanpa belas kasihan sorang2.

Anonymous said...

It's great as it is lah, Nik, don't burden yourself unnecessarily.

I've always loved blogs whose authors write from the heart, doesn't matter what topics lah, and you're one of those authors. I also love blogs that are emotive, sometimes happy, sometimes funny, sometimes emo giler, stuff I can relate to as a human being. Don't ever think that sad entries chase readers away.

I am not really a fan of race/training reports but yours I read coz they are (1) funny (2) full of pix (3) informative (4) unpredictable (5) makes running looks fun and doable.

Keep blogging, ye, and don't worry you have a fan base already :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ini comment ke blog entry ni?
Hihihi.. no no.. just kidding.
I appreciate your sincere thoughts. Thanks.
I'm a person who always seek to do things better and better, however possible. It's the positivity that i'm trying to convey.
And if it's not because of being inspired by you all, i won't come up with this blog either.
I guess, we all complement each other lah. Betul tak?

ShahM said...

Yo bro Nik,

As for me, no lacking found during my time stalking ur blog all this while. ;)
Anyway, personally u hav inspired me to inspire my colleague mate to join sport event. Most of them who previously said to me "gila ke? pagi2 bgun kne lari jauh2" saying "jom mlm ni gi training?" or "Sok pagi kite gear-up kt stadium".. Thanks to you bro :)

Julin Julai said...

It's all good, bro. We all like your self taken photos sambil wonder how the heck did he take that?

K3vski said...

Awesome design, awesome content! Maybe more regular updates and photos!

Anonymous said...

Nik, baju raya nice color lah!!

Dancing Ciken said...

i setuju dengan haza. just share je any thoughts with us. your blog dah jadi my top list now (not cow).

1) family stuffs/kids. eg. bila anak demam, u akan suruh anak u lari keliling rumah ke?

2) resepi kuih tradisional (i mean those healthy meals la but we already have Ian for us)

3) Kes PA boring/bos pi meeting/bos cuti

amsyah said...

wah, macam nek generate income from blogging je ni... bro, not easy maintaining a blog, eh. Already when family and job are top priorities.

I visit your blog regularly for what it is, and getting a bite and sight of your fame, cukuplah.

tapi kalau cerita kisah kisah yg berlaku every wiken kau naik bas ekspres tu pun bagus juga...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Shah Majid,
Waaah.. u r doing much better than me. I only managed to racun one colleague to do the Putrajaya Night Marathon and he did it. Then, terus diam kembali. Perhaps he has achieved what he wanted.

Thanks sis. What to do? I get creative when i'm bored.. itu pasal gambar pelik2 (read: poyo) pun ada. :)

Yeah, one day i want to blog about "How i kidnapped Kevin's legs". Hihihi
Thanks bro.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Mdm Haza,
Thanks. And FYI, that red color baju melayu is already 10 years old. My mom saw it for me.

Now, who give u the idea that i know how to cook kuih tradisional? I'm the kind of person who kalau rebus air pun boleh hangit tau!
Hihi. TQ.

No no no. Not for income generation. Blogging is not my hobby, and i don't really like to write actually.
I just want u guys to enjoy your moments here, and make your "mengular" effort worth it.
P/s: Cerita pasal kisah naik bas ekspress akan ditayangkan tidak lama lagi. Bibit2 idea aku dah ada...

gerbera said...

We want more!we want more! ni dah best dah.Cukup utk saya tersengih sorang2 depan pc and keep coming back.

sample said...

Whenever you write, it feels me very nice, but i dont like your late post, keep update regularly.

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Ms Road Runner said...

i like your blog as it is nik! :) and it's not boring at all k!

you're one of the blogs that i go to whenever i need some inspirasi to write an entry on my blog :)

so keep it up with the entries!

see you this sunday (insyaAllah) yeah! kalau jumpa kena snap2 k :P

tsar said...

all is good lah Nik.
just keep on blogging :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ajak la sekali kucing2 kat rumah tu sengih sama2.

Dear Sample,
Thank. Appreciate your feedback. :)

U r coming this Sunday? Ok ok, if u see a slow boroi bloke in all black suit, give him a kick at the back. That might be me. :)
P/s: Kaler baju mesti la kena matching dgn kaler CamelBak.. kan?

ok.. insyaAllah. TQ bro.

Sara Lisa said...

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