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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Points

I was clearing up my desk and I saw some old notes I took during one of the sales course which I attended last year August. Just feel like sharing it out here. I've forgotten the whole context of these stuffs, hence I won't be elaborating on each of them (and bore you to death). I jotted them down while I was struggling to keep myself awake during the course (teruk gile kan.. hehe).

1) Don't postpone any appointments - it shows your commitment.

2) Change something every month.

3) Do things that ONLY YOU can do. For other things... delegate lah!

4) Don't let people see or know your weaknesses.

5) In a win-lose situation, don't be afraid to walk out (if it is obvious you are on the losing side).

6) Don't believe others, just believe yourself.

7) Don't be a victim from the surrounding, be influential to the surrounding.

8) Don't be distracted by other things that make your progress slow.

Dah, itu je... sekian. :)


deo said...

thanks Nik!
Boleh dipraktikkan ni hehehe

IJAM said...

best nik...kau jual apa?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Welcome bro.

Aku nak jual blog ni.. kau nak beli tak? hehe.