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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kiara - Bukit Aman Project

Ever since I started long distance running, my normal running ground is from Kiara to Hartamas and Masjid Wilayah and then turnaround, which I normally run with my running buddy, Kash. On some other little occasions, I would start my run from Bukit Aman, heading towards Hartamas and then turnaround to Bukit Aman.

Combining those two routes, I always had the intention to run between both extreme ends, i.e. to start from Kiara Park and turnaround at Bukit Aman, heading back to Kiara Park., or vice versa.

I mentioned once or twice about this idea, but some friends said the distance would be close to 40km, which would be a little bit too much to attempt, furthermore with a full marathon race coming up in two weeks time.

Not sure why, the temptation was so high today that I worked up the distance with MapMyRun (, for a running route from Kiara Park, going pass Hartamas, Taman Tunku, towards Bukit Aman parking lot, and make a turnaround there to get back on the same route to Kiara Park.

If my mapping is correct, the total distance (out and back) will be just about 30.5km.

Surprisingly, I feel that this is very doable.

I think I want to run this route during this weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday, it depends. I’m so looking forward for it. This is weird, because normally I don’t really look forward for any LSD runs.

The only problem I’m seeing here is that, the hydration plan.

Normally if starting from Kiara Park, the normal hydration point is at Petronas Hartamas. However, will there be any other hydration points in between Hartamas and Bukit Aman? I know I can top up my fuel belt bottles at the food stalls at Bukit Aman parking area during the turnaround, but I don’t think my fully loaded fuel belt can last for 10km from Hartamas to Bukit Aman.

Hey, hang on a minute. I think can lah!

Have to struggle a bit though.


Julin Julai said...

I bet The petronoas hartamas tokey is smiling from ear to ear on Weekends. Sales for drinks and snacks will double that day.haha

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Doc Julin,
Indeed. Every Sunday morning especially. Better be quick if you still wanna drink some Gatorades or 100plus there.
Mengalahkan goreng pisang panas!

Yimster said...

I think the excitement comes due to the new route. A little element of change can sometimes excite us like a puppy with a stick thrown at it

ziff71 said...

I honestly think that is doable for you. The first leg shud not be a problem as the distance is about 20km,a stroll in the park level for u :). May be on the way back, theHartamas - Kiara would be the tough part.

-Macam bagus commentator of LSD ajer nie -

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I agree. :)
I like to explore, i guess.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Never try, never know, right?

That 20km is not a stroll in the park lah, it's already (and always is) a struggle for me. Let alone anything longer than that. Suffer!!!
And maybe that's the fun i always look for.. to see whether i can do it or not.
And if i can't do it this time, there's always next time.

P/s: Above MacamBagus tips were given by the one n only Mr. MacamBagus lah, who else? Hehehe.

Diket said...

Bro, I almost attempted that route last weekend but due to lack of buddy (alasan) & the weather (another alasan), I had to shelf the plan. However, it's doable. If you make one round of Petronas you'll get extra 2-3k. If you want more, take the Matrade "scenic" route. Total should be approx. 35km.

From Kiara, you can skip Petronas since you just started. You can refuel at a nasi kandar restaurant opposite Duta Tropika. Next refuel stop would be Bkt Aman. On the way back, Petronas is a must, I guess :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Who knows.. come Monday, i would be giving the same excuses (no buddy, hot/rain weather, time, no water, dusty, tired, lazy, overslept, etc.)
Wah, banyaknya alasan...

Thanks for the tip of hydration points.

P/s: Ooo.. sedap2 kau tambah 2-3 km kat aku ye, mentang2 kau dah taper.

Diket said...

Your entry is somehow tempting. I have not made any plans yet - run or or ride, but it should be Saturday. Sunday is curfew for me. You're ambitious due to the Bolt syndrome. Go Nik, go. Ride the lightning!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Asyik asyik aku jugak yg kena lambung eh?

Come run with me on Saturday jom!

Diket said...

Lambung can sometimes be termed as motivation bro. See, now you're racun-ning pulak. I can't promise you anything yet but I'll text you by Friday evening. Thanks dude.

ian yusof said...

nik, it's so doable ... especially when we are so familiar with route, it dooesn't feel like 30km. we can always run with a bottle in each hand. It's going to intensify our run a lil bit .... that's good for training, no?

nak ikut!!!! tapi kena pergi the little red dot lak this weekend.

p/s - nik, I belanja u at saba' if u complete your ENR at sub 4:30. :) so, go and train hard!! hahahaha

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ok, I'll standby.
Erm... i started all these coz i got racun-ed lah jugak. Good racun. Hehe.

Makan free punya pasal.. OK, sub 4:30 it is!!!
Yeah.. now look who's talking like MacamBagus huh? heheheh....

Thanks for the encouragement guys, really appreciate it.

amsyah said...

masyaAllah budak nih... eh jangan lupa double hills bro!

kalau hydration pack tak cukup, aku boleh bagi hydration bag, siap karipap, nasi lemak semua masuk :D bawak tikar, piknik tepi jalan heheh

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Itu perli ke bagi semangat tu?

How's your 'tolak stroller' training? Doing good? hihi

amsyah said...

heheheh saja kacau je...

tolak stroller payah, kalau boleh, bawak baby lari dalam Camelbak..., bagi keluar kepala je hahaha

you go, dude! IM is within sight

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kalau mcm tu, bukan Camelbak lagi dah la.. dah jadi "BabyBak".

Sejak baby dah bawak pegi running... she'll be the most tegar female runner when she's 10 years old lah... hihi.

shuklazim said...

Yes Nik, go for 4:30. Eh! Kalau makan kat Saba' order lamb kasbah, portion dia besar aku bole tumpang....hehehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kalau kau nak tumpang Saba's lamb kasbah, u need to be my pacer, deal?

yipwt said...

it's doable one...:)

happy running...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks Yip,
And your 5 loops of Bkt Aman - Hartamas that you did previously should have been put inside the Malaysia's Book of Records. Awesome!