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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bukit Aman LSD Run

During the previous weekend (Saturday, Dec 26), Kash and I did a LSD run of 21km, starting from Kiara park, ran through Hartamas and made a u-turn at the old LHDN’s building alongside Jalan Duta. The time recorded was 2hr20, with a slight pain felt on my right knee, and it felt good after a very long hiatus from LSD. I did not blog about it, but Kash did.

Last Saturday, together with another few running buddies, we did another LSD run. This time starting from Bukit Aman, which was a first time for me. Six of us turned up, and for forgetting where I put my stopwatch, I had no idea of what time we started the run. But it was still pretty dark.

L-R: Me, Syah, Kash, Ian, Fadil (nice to meet you bro), and Din.

As always, I like it when I run on a new route. The feeling of not knowing what’s coming ahead (hilly, flat, downhill routes) made it feel like I was into a new adventure. For many times I have read from many other blogs about those who run from Bukit Aman to Hartamas on weekly basis, but only now I have the opportunity to experience it myself.

Simply put, at least now I know the whereabouts along the route, like the Bank Negara, and Bukit Tunku.

If I’m not mistaken, they are all preparing for the NB PACM 30km run, in two weeks time.

Not wearing my watch, I can’t really gauge the distance during the run. I just ran while enjoying the awakening morning sky. The group got a bit scattered after a while, leaving everybody almost running on their own.

Ian running along Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan. This should be a suitable place for those attempting the 30km NB run, for which with a starting time of 5.30am, on average many runners should be crossing this masjid with ample time to perform Subuh prayer, insyaAllah.

Ian and Syah leading the way as we were approaching Hartamas.
(Sangat susah mau kejar ini orang untuk ambil gambar tau!)

Arriving at our u-turn point, for a quick re-fuelling break.

Ian kindly bought us all a round of mango puddings. After about 15 minutes or so, we were ready to begin our return journey. Yeah, we chatted a lot during the break.

Fadil on the left, who was running his first 20km! Bravo!!!

On our way back, I tried to follow Syah’s pace (which was fast ok!). Four of us (except for Kash and Ian who opted to take it slightly easier at the back) started to run back the undulating route alongside Hartamas where as much as I wanted to stay close with Syah, I have to remember that the journey was still far and I should pace myself well. I didn’t want to suffer my knees too much.

Syah was steadily running at the front, and for not wanting to run alone I chased him up. (Well, actually because I didn’t really memorize the way back to Bukit Aman, so I better keep my self close to him). We could still chat a little bit on the run, making the long run felt much shorter.

Following Syah’s pace was not that easy for me.

We stopped for a little while to re-group, after which we proceeded our way to Bukit Aman. I was feeling good, as I did not feel any pain on my knees yet, so I pushed it further and faster only to realize I was running alone at the front.

Upon making the turn into Lake Garden, I waited for Syah and we sprinted together towards the car park as he mentioned that we could be doing a sub 2 hours run. Never that I thought I could run 20km within 2 hours. I was in disbelief with that.

But unfortunately, as Kash put it on her blog, the distance was only about 19km something.

Oklah, whatever the distance or the time was, it was a good LSD run, at least as part of my training for the longer distance run events in the future.

Stretching down after the long run.

And with this New Year, I’d like to put something new on my blog at the end of an entry. Without any intention to take pride of what I did or whatsoever, this shall remain only as training logs for my own self. It shall also serve as a motivation for me to keep on blogging, and to keep on training. They seem to compliment each other pretty well.

[Training Log]
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Group 20km LSD run (maybe less); 1hr58min; Bkt Aman-Hartamas-Bkt Aman; no leg/knee pain.
Sunday: Rest.


amsyah said...

pandai jual minyak la hahhahah. tu Ian tak bukak turbo lagi tu, kalau tak bodossup laei...

anyway, had a great time. boleh buat lagi (you have Putrajaya full ok!). the mileage can only go up from now

Diket said...

I really missed seri hartamas. Never been there since scklm. You guys were cool. I believed you have to make 1 loop around the petronas to get a complete 20km.

The Corporate Athlete said...

kitaorg siap berborak lagi ngan rashid on the way back :) and 'ngelat' for a shorter route at Padang Merbok ...

p/s - amsyah has just been categorised as a RFR - Really Fast Runner!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Itu bukan jual minyak.. itu hakikat tu.
Eh, i registered for putrajaya full marathon eh? camne boleh lupa nih? :)

Maybe la. When Syah told me the time was sub 2hrs, i smell my ketiak fishy already.. the distance won't be more than 20km bcoz i'm never that fast.

Korang borak bisnes lain la.. always business minded which is good, unlike us. Hehehe.
Yeah, Syah terkena virus Avatar tu.. sbb tu dia dah boleh lari laju.

amsyah said...

Nik, takpa, don worry about time, janji we finish. Can improvise time later. Sub 2hours for 19k ok what...

sebenarnye Avatar tu DIket - tengok keting pun dah macam Kenya hahha, cuma member er, ehem kurang tinggi saja (sorry bro, kacau lu saja hahah)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeah... improvision will continue from time to time.

I have yet to watch Avatar.. asyik tak sempat je.

Diket said...

Keting avatar ye? Hmmm...